Tell Us What's in The Box
Myself and Danielle DeLisle host a casual podcast that "unboxes" relationships in horror media: books, films, comics, and videogames. New episodes release on a bi-weekly basis.
We've had a few special guests on our show, too.
Australia-based media company, Lawson Media, recently launched a new podcast, Gameplay, that focuses on the culture and history of videogames. In this episode, "Premium vs Freemium," I talk about mobile gaming, microtransactions, Apple's App Store, and the on-going lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple.
Thrilling Tales of Modern Capitalism
The folks over at interviewed me for an episode of one of their podcasts, Thrilling Tales of Modern Capitalism. In this episode, "Boss Fights: Tim Sweeney, Epic Games, and the Quest to Slay the Mobile Duoply," I touch on Epic Games' fight against Apple's App Store policies. Written article here.
Tech News Weekly
I speak with Tech News Weekly about the winning bidders of the FCC's Rural Digital Opportunity Fund auction, focusing specifically on SpaceX's Starlink and if the company can help close the digital divide in America.
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